Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fútbol Frenzy!

Fútbol Frenzy!

The evening prior to our group’s departure for Córdoba and Granada a small group met to watch the semifinals of the EuroCup in which Spain faced off against Portugal.  Dressed in our red and yellow and with faces painted, this group of americanos was ready for the game!  Here’s a shot of the group in the Plaza del Pilar ready to cheer on La Roja!

From the Plaza, the group headed to Majestic.  The students were able to enjoy soft drinks, a little music and dancing, and of course watch the big game of several huge screens!

Everyone experienced the growing anxiety as time passed with the score still tied at 0-0 at the end of overtime.  We held our breath during every shot hoping goaltender Iker Castillas would make the saves we needed and that our shots would find their way into the net.  Below you see a shot of the kids among the other nervous fans of La Roja during the penalty kicks.

Then, it happened… “Saint Iker” made the save that we needed and Ramos came up with a chance to score the goal that would send La Roja to the EuroCup finals… and he did!!   We were swept up into the excitement, jumping, screaming, singing, and chanting as if we were Spaniards ourselves!  We followed the crown down to the Plaza Mayor to celebrate Spanish style – by jumping into the fountain! 

Pictures from our excursion and of course from our Eurocup victory are coming soon!!

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