Sunday, June 17, 2012

This blog entry comes at the start of the second full week for everyone in Ciudad Real.  The students have adapted well to the Spanish lifestyle, having to deal with new foods, new families, new routines and schedules… basically new everything!  The students have gotten to know each other well through regular classes and afternoon activities such as choir, theater, and sports.  Below you see some pictures of the students outside our “comedor” where we eat lunch each day.  In addition to our regular sports day, many of the students have started playing frisbee or soccer after eating while others are content to chat in the shade and avoid the heat.

The students were able to experience the magic of soccer and the love for the national team when Spain defeated Ireland 4-0 on Thursday night.  They are anxiously awaiting tomorrow evening’s game against Croatia, which will hopefully send Spain to the next round of the Euro Cup!  The week concluded with our excursion to Toledo, which I will include in my next entry!

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